The Beaches of the Adriatic Coast: fun in the sun and relaxation

Spiagge-riminiThe Romagna Riviera doesn’t need an introduction. With close to one hundred kilometers of coastline, it offers a range of ample options, able to satisfy every possible vacation need. The beaches are characterized mostly by soft, smooth sand and low, safe seabeds – a condition that makes it an ideal destination for families with children and those with small children taking their first swim.

A strong point of the Romagna Riviera is, without a shadow of a doubt, the level of services offered by the beachside establishments. Facilities that are often on the avant-garde, and a standard of quality that touches excellence, make the beaches in Romagna a famous tourist destination worldwide. Going from the so called “Baths” for families with games for children, mini clubs and the best of anything you can desire to enjoy the beach in tranquility and safety; to the trendy pools with live music, bars and fashionable restaurants for young people; to Spa baths which offer real open air gyms along the seashore, massage tables, hyrdro-massage tubs, healthy restaurants and libraries.

For some years now, a good portion of the Riviera has complied with the Beaches of Wellbeing project, an famous circuit of initiatives directed at those who wish to enjoy the sea in health and harmony, dedicating themselves to activities and classes with the goal of finding balance of body and mind. Moments of fun and relaxation between a yoga class, a conference, a sailboat outing at dawn for meditation, a class on natural, organic disciplines, creative workshops, eastern dances and much, much more.


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