Itinerary for “A Challenging Route”

Km 92- Misano – Mercatino Conca – Montescudo – S.Clemente – Misano
Here we have an interesting but challenging route which might be too hard if you’re haven’t had the proper training. Also in this case the effort is repaid by the joy of crossing ancient villages full of history and charm and the many breathtaking views. You start from Misano in the direction of Morciano passing by the racetrack and then Cella.
You go up towards the Conca Valley, along the riverbanks, until you get to Mercatino Conca. Here you turn tight towards San Marino. At this point you come across a difficult climb despite the fact that you can see Mount Titan in the distance in all its magnificence.
Continuing towards Gesso you will be impressed by the wild landscape that you come across, but you haven’t much time to stop to admire the awesome nature of the place because you have to climb up to Montescudo.
Here you stop to admire the beautiful view of the coast and then you head back knowing that the road will be downhill. As you cycle across the ridge of the hills you come across Montecolombo and S. Clemente, that are worth visiting.
Be careful at his point not to take the wrong road, make sure you never lose sight of the road sign indicating “Strada Panoramica dell’Adriatico” (Adriatic Panoramic Road). In the last ten kilometres you pass Misano Monte, Scacciano and Villaggio Argentina, arriving in Misano after a definitely tiring leg absolutely regenerating.


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