Itinerary for “The villages of Valconca”

Km 68 - Misano – Saludecio – M.Osteriaccia – Morciano – Misano
This route on forts site might appear easy going, especially considering the number of kilometres. In actual fact when you tackle this route, it is soon revealed in all its difficulty. But let’s see in detail where i twill take you. You start from Misano in the direction of S. Giovanni in Marignano, from here you trake the road to Saludecio passing through S. Maria del Monte.
This stretch of road is uphill, but the effort is rewarded as you cross beautiful ancient villages rich in history and charm in which you can see traces of the Middle Ages. We strongly recommend you stop to visit villages like Saludecio, Mondaino, Tavoleto and Monte Gridolfo. Watch out for the descent that starts in Mondaino and which turns into an uphill climb to Tavoleto, it’s not easy and should be tackled with calm perseverance.
As challenging is also the uphill road that leads to Monte Osteriaccia and to Monte Avellano, both truly worth a mention and will remain impressed in your mind, especially if it’s your first time. The views are anyway splendid and in the highest points of the route you can admire a 360° panorama of the most beautiful hills of the Romagna and of the Marche.
When you return to the bottom of the valley, you ride along the Conca and you get to Morciano where, at the junction just before the bridge you can choose to head towards Riccione. You pass through Cella and then the racetrack and then you reach Misano, exhausted but happy.


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