Itinerary for “Balconi delle Marche”

Km 70 - Cattolica – Pesaro – Tavullia - S.M.Monte - Cattolica
This route brings us up and down between the Romagna and the Marche, crossing the borders that separate the two regions, the difficulty is medium and the landscape characterized by rolling hills and picturesque views. Here and there you come across ancient villages of rare beauty and some challenging climbs.
You start from the Port of Cattolica and head towards Gabicce Monte, tackling a challenging climb up to the most panoramic point from which you see the whole coast. From this point on the road starts a gentle descent that crosses localities which are worth a visit, like Fiorenzuola di Focara, until you get to Pesaro.
Here you start to climb up again towards the hinterland in the direction of Montecchio, Tavullia, Trebbio di Montegridolfo and Meleto.
When you reach the junction for S.Rocco, you return into the Romagna by going up towards the Santa Maria del Monte. Then you take the junction for Tavulla again and after just a few kilometres you’re back in the Marche to then return to the Romagna in the direction of San Giovanni in Marignano and back to Cattolica.
An articulated and beautiful route that offers breathtaking views both of the coast and of the hinterland and which, in spite of the fatigue, is worth doing over and over again.


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