Itinerary for “Up and Down the Hills”

Km 65 - Riccione - M.Giardino - M.Altavelio - M.Fiore - Riccione
This route is recommended to the fittest of cycle tourists, not so much for its length, as for the challenge sit presents with steep climbs and not exactly simple descents. Fatigue will be felt but will be rewarded with enchanting backdrops and breathtaking views. Starting from Riccione you head towards the hinterland and Ospedaletto (see route 18), along the Marano river in the direction of San Marino.
After about twenty kilometres you take the junction for Faetano towards Monte Giardino and Montelicciano. At this point it is necessary to pluck up your courage, as the climbs that you have ahead are quite challenging and you have to push on your pedals.
Fortunately you then come to a descent all the way to Mercatino Conca.
If you wish,. Here you could take a break but if you’re bold enough you’ll be ready to tackle another climb, that to Mount Altavelio. The beautiful views sooth the soul as you continue to go up, and then down, across San Giovanni and arriving in Tavoleto. From here you continue until you get to Montefiore, with its unique and imposing fortress that fills the view.
After a well deserved stop, you continue down to Morciano, in the plains and then again to Riccione. A route that requires a lot of leg work, but that continues to thrill the most athletic cycling tourists who, in some cases, add further even more challenging variations.

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