Itinerary “Flashes of Nature and History”

Km 92 - Rimini – Santarcangelo – Novafeltria – S.Leo – Rimini
This is a lovely route of medium difficulty, with at least two climbs, it’s quite long and always with the most beautiful views and you come across places of fascinating historical interest. You start from Rimini and, heading along the seaside road, you reach Torre Pedrera. From there you go up towards the hinterland following the signs for Santarcangelo di Romagna, Poggio Berni and Ponte Verucchio.
Then you take the 258 state road and get to Novafeltria. Cycle along and, in the vicinity of Ponte Baffoni, you turn left and climb up to San Leo passing Maiolo and Pugliano.
Then you arrive at the splendid village, you should stop to recover your strength after a cycle hike of almost sixty kilometres, but also to visit San Leo.
Things to see: the Piazza del Borgo (the village square), the Pieve Millenaria (the millenary church), the ancient Duomo and the Fort built in 1476 that overlooks the valley. A unique setting which will de light your eyes, especially on a clear day when you can admire the view all the way to the coast. On your return, the road can be quite steep as it leads to Pietracuta and then across the Valmarecchia until you reach the road sign for Verucchio, on the right.
At this point, if you have enough energy, there’s another challenging climb up to the Fort from where you can admire yet another breathtaking view. From Verucchio you return along an easy road that crosses Coriano and Casetti and takes you to Rimini. A most satisfying route this, which even the most demanding cycle tourist will remember for a long time.


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