Itinerary for “Le Nostre Montagne”

Km 122 - Bellaria – S.Leo – Carpegna – Santarcangelo – Bellaria
For those who are looking for a really challenging route, but also a beautiful one, evocative of its history and nature, this route can certainly be an excellent alternative. You start from Bellaria and head towards Santarcangelo.
From here, taking the Strada Santarcangiolese, you head towards Poggio Berni and then Ponte Verucchio. Up to this point the road is quite flat. From Ponte Verucchio you start to head inland to the Marecchia Valley, across the Ponte Maddalena and then Pietracuta.
At this point the road begins to climb to soon become quite steep and challenging as you head towards San Leo, that deserves a stopover to admire the view and to refresh body and soul. From Da San Leo you return to the Valley, with a nice gentle descent and you head towards Novafeltria. From here you start to go uphill for short stretches and then downhill again until you get to the junction for Pennabilli.
At this point pluck up your courage and start pedalling up towards one if the jewels of the Valle della Marecchia, Pennabilli, which in the summer hosts one of the most important antique markets in the Region and the famous street artists festival. From Pennabilli you can see the mountains of the Marche and the Monti Sibillini and if you still have a little energy left, the routes that lead to the Sasso Simone and Simoncello are close by.
On your return from Pennabilli you go towards Rimini passing again through Novafeltria, Pietracuta, Ponte Verucchio, Poggio Berni, Santarcangelo di Romagna, Torre Pedrera and finally Bellaria.
It’s a long hike and the legs may be changed according to preference, but the localities suggested are anyway worth a visit and will no doubt remain in your heart for a long time.


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