Itinerary for “Malatestiani Castles”

Km 62 - Bellaria – Santarcangelo – Verucchio – Bellaria
This route one might say is anything but monotonous. You will cross beautiful landscapes, but also a few climbs, most notably those up towards Torriana and Verucchio.
You start off in Bellaria and head in the direction of Santarcangelo di Romagna, a village that, if it weren’t so close to the starting point it would we worthwhile to visit its picturesque little streets that climb up to the Malatesta Fortress and the inviting smell coming from the many trattorie that greet visitors with their delicious local dishes.
Once you’ve crossed Santarcangelo, passing along the Strada Santarcangiolese and the Palazzo Marcosanti on the crest of the hill, you get to Poggio Berni and from here you take a right turn and go up the pleasant road to Torriana. Some stretches of this road are quite steep with gradients of spurts of up to 20%, but you will be rewarded by the breathtaking views.
When you’ve reached Torriana you go back down towards Ponte Verucchio taking a rather steep road that leads to the Marecchia river. Worth visiting here is the Sanctuary of the Madonna of Saiano built on a picturesque spur of rock that dominates the valley and the river.
From Saiano you return to Ponte Verucchio in the direction of Verucchio Alta, at this point you have another panoramic climb that ends in the village centre where you unfailingly find the Malatesta Fortress. Here too the views are staggering in their beauty. On your way back to Verucchio you again pass through Ponte Verucchio, Poggio Berni, Santarcangelo di Romagna and, finally, Bellaria.


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