Itinerary for “The Fortresses of Valconca”

Km 86 - Cattolica – Tavoleto – M.Cerignone – Cattolica
This hike is quite challenging both for its length and for the tough stretches you will encounter along the way. The road is undulating, a further handicap, but the localities that you cross are of undoubted charm and beauty.
These areas have been over the centuries contended by the two Renaissance families of the Malatesta and the Montefeltro. You startr from the port of Cattolica in the direction of S.Giovanni in Marignano and Marciano, proceeding uphill to Montefiore, where the great Rock rises. From here watch out when you come across the bends going downhill, and then concentrate because you will be going uphill to Tavoleto and its beautiful Castle.
Again be careful when you’re going downhill towards Casinina as it has rather steep bends and not the best roadbed.
Then you go up again towards Mercatale and Macerata Feltria. You will cross beautiful landscapes and enchanting old villages, and then again a tough climb up to Mount Cerignone after the exhausting climb of the Fagiola. Worth a mention is the Fortress (built between 1200 and 1400) and the ancient village.
You ride down at this point first towards Mercatino Conca and then towards Marciano. The last stretch will take you across S. Giovanni in Marignano again until you get to Cattolica. The kilometres covered are many, the tough climbs are at least three and the hazardous descents are at least two. A challenging route, therefore, but full of excitement and charm.


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