Itinerary for “A Trip to San Marino”

Km. 59 - Rimini - S.Paolo - S.Marino - Corpolò - Rimini
Today’s route is a nice tour of the ancient republic of San Marino, today a small independent state between the Marche and the Romagna regions. You start from the gardens of Piazzale Indipendenza and cross Rimini to reach the hills from Via Covignano. You proceed along the Strada dei Casetti and San Paolo surrounded by green, a few hairpin bends, an uphill stretch and then alternating uphill and downhill until you reach “Strappo del Ventoso” (the windy spurt), which is quite challenging and is already in San Marino territory.
You continue to climb until you reach the highest part of Mount Titan, where you arrive at the village of the famous Tre Rocche or Three Rocks. After a regenerating stopover you head back to Rimini curving along the challenging descent of Acquaviva that leads all the way to Ponte Verucchio. From here you head towards Corpolò and then uphill towards San Paolo and down again to the Casetti. And here you’re back in Rimini, after having covered 60 kilometres.
Along the way your eyes will be delighted and your heart warmed by the beautiful vineyards and the breathtaking view of the Coast seen from above the hills of the Valmarecchia. Art is found a bit everywhere, not just in the picturesque San Marino, but also in the villages that you come across as you pedal along, in the fortresses and churches that you find practically on every hill.
Things to do: visit the ancient heart of San Marino, admire the view from the highest points of the route, drink from the famous Corpolò mountain and stop at the knoll of Villa Verucchio where, in Santa Croce, where you find the cypress tree that, according to tradition, was planted by the patron of Italy, St. Francis in 1.215.


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