Food and Wine

Food and Wine If good food is what you look for wherever you go, if you love to taste local specialities and organize food and wine tours, you could not have chosen a better destination than the Romagna Riviera. Some local dishes are famous and admired throughout the world, one of them being the Piadina; tasty on its own instead of bread or even better if stuffed with typical local products like cured meats and cheeses, or with vegetables. The hand-made pasta, meat and fish are all prepared according to traditional recipes and are inspired by rustic cooking of great taste, ideal for those who love strong flavours; all accompanied by excellent wines like the Sangiovese, the Trebbiano or the Albana. This is really just a taste of the delicacies of this land where people like to live and eat well. To learn more about the local flavours and ancient recipes, we suggest you choose one of these hotels with special offers for food and wine lovers, which have been structured as holiday packages that include tastings and sampling of Romagnola cuisine at discounted prices.


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