Excursions on horseback and on foot to explore the heartland of the Emilia Romagna Region


Horse riding

There are a host of opportunities for organizing excursion on horseback in the Rimini hinterland. The territory in fact is ideally explored in this alternative manner as there are a number of dirt roads which are not too steep and paths across interesting and picturesque woods, fields and rivers, both for the nature and the history. In some strategic points you can enjoy breathtaking views of the valleys and of the coast. You have two main alternatives: to ride along the Marecchia valley or to take the paths of the Valle del Conca, further south. If you want to go riding you can contact the more important riding centres and the holiday farms with riding school.


Circolo Ippico Riminese (horse riding club)
Via San Paolo 20 - 47900 - Rimini – Tel/Fax 0541/758515
 Club Ippico Riminese La Fenice (horse riding club)
Via Secchiano 34 – Rimini - Tel. 0541/72779
 Cooperativa Sociale Ippogrifo (horse riding cooperative)
Via Monte l’Abbate 9 – Rimini

Santarcangelo di Romagna

Balduccia Ranch
Via Canarezza 410 – S.Ermete - Tel. 0541/758465
Centro Ippico I Mulini
Via Pallada 547 – S.Martino dei Mulini – Tel. 0541/757105

Misano Adriatico

Bathek Ranch
Via Litoranea Sud – Tel. 0541/615686


Agriantonia Il Puledro Holiday Farm
Via Pieggia 30 – Mondaino - Tel. 0541/982147

San Giovanni in Marignano

Centro Ippico Marignanese riding centre
Via Cassandro 417 – Tel 0541/956611


Route : Verucchio – Villa Verucchio

Length: 5 km
Rise: 200 mt
Difficulty: easy
Type of path: mixed
This route is a great classic for the people of Rimini and lends itself to be tackled also by those who are not particularly athletic because it’s not too long and doesn’t have an excessive rise or drop. You start from the industrial estates of Villa Verucchio which you can get to from the 258 state road, better known as the Via Marecchiese. From here you take an asphalt road that gets you after a short while to the parish of  San Martino which you will see on your left. From here you begin a climb that takes you across olive groves and houses until you get to the Medieval village of Borgo S.Antonio. You continue to go up following the asphalt road until you get to the main road that leads to Verucchio Alta. In alternative you can take the path along the Nove Martiri Park to Piazza Malatesta in the very centre. The route is not yet completed. From the Piazza you soon get to the Monastero delle Monache (Nun’s Monastery) that dominates the village and from which yu can admire a breathtaking view of the coast. From here you can get to the sports field and to the remains of a necropolis known as “Campo del Tesoro” (Field of the Treasure), you take the Via Nanni heading east and when it starts going downhill you turn right on Via Aie del Borgo, a small downward alley that soon emerges in Località Doccio. From here you proceed right, going down to the main road that comes from the Marecchiese. You then begin to go up following the panoramic road that will offer you the most beautiful view of the Marecchia valley with its characteristic spurs, its old villages and its river. You then arrive in the vicinity of Piazzale Dasi going down Via Mura del Fossato. After the parking lot, you go down an alley that leads to the vicinity of the Villanoviano Museum. This is a must see. From the Museum you continue walking down to Borgo S.Antonio and then to where you started.

Route: Ponte Verucchio – Saiano - Montebello

Length: 10 km
Rise: 380 m
Difficulty: medium
Type if path: mixed
This is a well balanced route, it doesn’t present particular difficulties, it is not very long and offers the most beautiful view, unique in its kind, connecting magical places, full of charm and history. You start from Ponte Verucchio which you can reach from the 258 state road, known as the Via Marecchiese. Immediately after the bridge, coming from Rimini, you turn left following the signs for the Sanctuary of the Madonna of Saiano, whereas if you’re coming from Santarcangelo di Romagna instead, you turn right shortly after the bridge. At this point you leave the car and you start walking along the road that runs along thy Marecchia river. You have two alternatives, to follow the asphalt road that goes up and down again to the Sanctuary or follow the path along the river bank, until you get to Saiano. Here you start a nice climb, quite steep, to the Sanctuary that rises on a rock spur. As  you come back down you will come across an old ruin on the right, at the height of a crossroads, and you take the dirt road, again bearing right. From here you start a path that crosses small batches of houses, a few farms and then it rises to Montebello. You have two alternatives: either you walk up to Montebello from the pinewood following a very steep path or reach the village from the asphalt road which is less steep but longer. Montebello is a small village from which you can admire the Marecchia Valley in all its splendour, amidst old stone houses and inviting restaurants. From Montebello you can return to Saiano along the path that you took on the way out or alternatively along the asphalt road.

Route: Parco del Marano – Trarivi - Montescudo

Length: 8 km
Rise: 470 m
Difficulty: easy
Type of path: mixed
This route is quite simple, you can cover its length in a couple of hours and has a minimal gradient By car you take the 41 provincial road to Montescudo. Two kilometres after the junction for San Marino-Faetano you can leave the car in the picnic area just before the bridge. From here you continue along the footpath that follows the bed of the Marano river for 3 km. Amidst reeds, willows, acacias and poplars, you will walk along a path that in the bad weather is not recommendable as it is quite muddy. You continue following the signs for Vallecchio walking back up to the height of the Church on the road and thus reaching Trarivi. At this point you continue towards Montescudo along the asphalt road. After you pass the Benedictine Chiesa della Pace, as you come to a hairpin bend where you will see an entrance gate to continue into the woods and across the Rio Garavatte. From here you return onto the road which you will follow until you get to the small Church of  Montescudo. As you continue along the panoramic road, keeping on the right, you finally come to Mount from which you will enjoy a staggering view. When you are ready t return, you take the asphalt road in the opposite direction which takes you to the historic centre. If you’re tired you can take the bus to Rimini and ask the bus driver to drop you off in Cavallino where you left the car on the way out.

Route: San Benedetto in Alpe – Cascate dell’Acqua Cheta

Rise: 520 m
Difficulty: media
Length: 10 km
Path: woods
To get to the famous falls of the Acqua Cheta you start off from San Benedetto in Alpe which you can drive to taking the 67 state road which connects Forlì to Florence. The path is not difficult and you can leisurly admire the splendid woods of the Parco Nazionale delle Foreste Casentinesi. You start off on foot therefore from the parking lot of San Benedetto returning on the state road and crossing the bridge over the Fosso Acqua Cheta. Shortly after, on the right, you go up a few steps that lead to a small chapel and a path taht runs along the stream. In the past this was well marked with the classic white and red signs of the CAI (the Italian Alpine Club) which today are quite discoloured. After a few hundred meters you get to a junction where you should bear left going uphill and leaving the stream behind you. The rise is quite steep and leads to a beautiful chestnut wood and then in a flat clearing. As you go along, the chestnut trees are gradually replaced by beeches until you reach you have two options: you can either reach Case di Monte Londa following the signed path that goes along the top of the Prato Andreaccio, or you can continue along the path that is rather badly signed but more frequently taken to reach Case Pian della Posta and then along a mule track that leads to the above Case. After a few hundred yards you come to a junction, at this point you leave the mule track and take the footpath on the right following the CAI signs. From this point you go down where you will come across first the ruins of Sodaccio and then the Fosso dell’Acqua Cheta. After you’ve left the stream behind you, continue on the left bank of the stream up to the Romiti plateau where you find the ruins of an old convent. Keeping on the right of the plateau you take an old mule track that leads to Fosso Cà del Vento and then to the natural terrace from which you can enjoy the falls of Acqua Cheta in all their magnificence. From the falls you proceed along the mule track on the left side of the valley, which is well signed, coming across various natural pools and small waterfalls. The mule track leads to the asphalt road which connects S.Benedetto with Marradi. Proceeding towards the right you return to the starting point after a splendid full immersion into nature of a park that in all Seasons offers unique and unforgettable landscapes.


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