Tips and information for swimmers and water sports enthusiasts on the Italian Riviera

Consigli-bagnantiRegenerative swims, aquatic sports, enjoyment, the ocean is all this and more, but in order to enjoy it to the fullest, it is necessary to remember that you can never have enough caution.
We thus have some useful advice provided by the Coast Guard to help you avoid unnecessary danger, protecting both swimmers and the marine ecosystem.

Swimmers should avoid entering into the water:

  • If not in good physical or mental condition
  • Shortly after a long exposition to the sun
  • After meals, especially large meals
  • If you have been drinking
  • When the red flag is flying
  • If the sea is very choppy, and in cases of unfavorable weather conditions
  • If you are not a good swimmer without the help of arm flotation devices, life jackets or others
  • Going beyond the buoys that mark a safe distance from the shore
  • Going too far out with inner tubes or floating chairs, or also, beyond 50 meters from the beach
  • Without checking the depth of the water before diving or for the presence of rocks or other submerged obstacles
  • In zones that are not watched by coast guards or personnel trained in rescue

Good habits on the beach.

There are also rules dictated by ordinances governing aquatic and beach activities, but also by good common sense, which are often not respected, but would be a good idea to always keep them in mind, and are thus important:
  • Do not disturb the silence of bathers with loud radios, rowdiness, or invasive games
  • Avoid brining animals to the beach, lighting fires and pitching tents, except in cases where it is stated otherwise
  • Do not let children out of your sight when they are in the water, both in the sea or in a pool, even if they are playing near to the shore

Water-scooters, boats and similar devices are authorized:

  • For sailing during the day, in safe weather conditions and at a distance that does not go beyond a mile from the coast

Water-scooters, boats and similar devices are absolutely prohibited from sailing:

  • In canals and ports, with exception made for routes necessary for arriving at petroleum refueling facilities or directly to the arrival and departure point
  • In the marine areas in which ships are anchored or departing
  • Close to the openings of canals or ports, or along their access routes, at a distance of less than 200 meters
  • Within 500 meters from the shoreline and in the zones used by bathers and swimmers when under the regulation of the Beach Ordinance (Ordinanza Balneare)
  • In the marine areas that, for hygienic-sanitary reasons, have been banned from swimming
  • Less than 50 meters from the units, or from the buoys, which signal the presence of divers


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