Beach sports on the Riviera

Guida-beachOn the beaches of the Romagna Rivera you can practice all the marine sports activities you can think of, as well as a range of land activities able to satisfy even the most demanding palates. Not only that, but the Riviera is known in Italy and the world for being a leader in fashions and trends. This means that each year, beach clubs and sports centers compete to propose new, exotic activities and capable of piquing the curiousity of tourists and residents.

Thus, on the beach you can practice the classic beach volleyball, beach tennis and beach soccer; there are exciting bocce and marble games and you can take fitness classes. But, for those who wish to try something new and different, there is Nordic walking, particularly in vogue in the last few years, which involves long walks on the beach with long walking sticks and large strides, or there’s beach tchoukball, a team sport which is played with a ball similar to that of handball, but does not allow physical contact between players and involves acrobatics and quick, spectacular movements. Other trendy land sports are speedminton, halfway between badminton, squash ball and tennis, beach ultimate frisbee and the more sophisticated polo on the beach.

The possibilities are infinite for aquatic sports enthusiasts. From the great classics such as canoeing, sailing and wind surfing, to the trickier kite surfing and paraflying to challenge the winds and updrafts, in the first case with a board and a sail to tame, in the second case aboard a true parachute trailing from a boat. Sup, or really, stand up paddling, is also trending, and consists of paddling upright like a true Hawaiian on a surfboard, and stream, a giant inner tube pulled by a raft to which you can hold on to by yourself or with others. A line, between sport an fun that, on the beaches of the Romagna Riviera, is often very subtle. This is the case with pedal boats, with fascinate thousands of tourists every year, and which someone has thought of rejuvenating by creating the “love” version: complete with a private booth area, music and mini-bars. Reminding us to never forget that Romagna, before being a land of sports, is a land for spirited lovers and enthusiasts.

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