Mirabilandia: the park in Ravenna for those who love to feel the adrenaline rush and have some fun

The Park
Mirabilandia over time has become one of the most prized Italian amusement parks. Covering an area of 850 thousand square meters, it is the largest park in Italy and is visited every year by people from all over the country as well as many European countries. The park is immersed in the countryside and offers visitors high quality attractions for the entire family, educational tours and a number of services and areas dedicated to kids, people over 60 and groups.
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Main Attractions
Emotions and adrenaline are guaranteed at Mirabilandia park, which offers more than 40 attractions – among them ISpeed and Katun, the number 1 roller coaster for speed and height in Europe. Don’t miss Divertical, the highest water coaster in the world, rafting among the rapids of the Rio Bravo, the excitement of a true launch into space at galactic speeds with the Columbia, and a free fall at the Discovery area. And then there’s even more adrenaline with Explorer, a train that wizzes between grottos, caverns and dangerous rocks, and Blu River for electrifying water dives. It’s worth mentioning the attractions that offer trips into your sense of fear and adventure such as Phobia and Reset. The first offers a terrifying experience like no other before; the second is a pistol-armed exploration of apocalyptic New York. There are many entertainment possibilities even for small children in strollers: a mini roller coaster, rides and their own games. In addition there are many performances, among which the stuntmen from the Scuola Polizia Hotweels, and the moving musical “Scary Family and Darkness.”
Useful Information
Mirabilandia,Strada Statale 16 Adriatica km 162 – 48125 - Savio – Ravenna
Tel 0544 561156


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