Aquarium of Cattolica: discover the mysteries of the bottom of the sea

The Park
Aquarium of Cattolica, transformed from an ex-camp for children from the 1930s, today is the largest aquatic park on the Adriatic and one of the most interesting theme parks in Europe. The aquarium offers its visitors a fascinating voyage for the discovery of the marine universe and its inhabitants thanks to the presence of thousands of specimens of more than 400 different species. There are 2 kilometers of exposition areas subdivided by themes and colors available to the public. Among the available facilities there are picnice areas, restaurants, shops and play areas for children. There are numerous educational activities organized by the aquarium over the course of the year, exclusively for schools and families.
Le-navi Le-navi-2 Le-navi-3Main Attractions
One of the most electrifying attractions of the Aquarium of Cattolica is the shark tank, which hosts 70 specimens of 16 different species from around the world. And for the more courageous, the aquarium offers the incredible possibility to be immerged in the shark tank for a thrilling encounter, in total safety of course. Another attraction is the penguins. The recent birth (in April of 2013) of a small Humboldt penguin has brought an air of joy and happiness to the aquarium staff and to visitors, who, in the course of the year have filled the section devoted to penguins to watch the moving care of the two touching parents. The jellyfish and piranha tanks, reptile house and trail dedicated to the sounds of the sea are not to be missed.
Useful Information
Acquario di Cattolica, Piazzale delle Nazioni, 1/A – 47841 Cattolica
Tel 0541 8371
Fax 0541 831350


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