Discover the secrets of the perfect tan

AbbronzaturaA suntan is one of the most beautiful gifts that the sun gives to our skin, but it is necessary to always expose yourself to the sun in moderation remembering a few basic rules that safeguard our health. Sun, if taken in the right way, has notable benefits on our bodies and on our psyches. It in fact develops anti-rickets, anti-depression, photo-reproductive and therapeutic reactions for many skin disorders. At the same time, if taking sun without the adequate precautions, can provoke allergic reactions, sunstroke, premature aging, wrinkles and more serious cellular changes.

In order to better take advantage of the benefits from the sun while avoiding damage to your skin, it is fundamental to use photo-protectors, or sunscreen, which filters ultraviolet rays, following a scale, ranging from minimum protection index (IP2) to a total or integral protection index.

The photo-protector should be applied according to skin type and your age.
Childre and persons who have fair skin and hair should use sun products with a higher protection index than those who have darker skin, which is thus more resistant.

In any case, it is always advisable, for all UV fototypes:

  • Protect skin with a higher protection factor in the first days of exposure
  • Repeat application of the protector numerous times, especially after swimming and sports activities
  • Apply protection at least one hour before exposure to the sun
  • Avoid direct exposure to the sun in the hottest hours, a rule especially valid for children and those with fair skin types


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